12 Month Progressive Hypertrophy 📲

12 month resistance program via mobile app 📲 Requirements are a fully equipped gym. Plan will progress every month by manipulating training variables and using various hypertrophy protocols including: Wave loading, dropsets, varying supersets, high frequency, Isometric holds, and post fatigue loading. Training variables include - Intensity - Volume - Tempo - TUT - Rest intervals - Exercise selection Exercise selection is customized to your specific goals and accesible equipment.

Plan Includes

  • 12 month plan includes a full stack of the following hypertophy protocols in 6 - 8 weeks phases

  • Wave Loading Protocol

  • Dropset Methods

  • High Frequency Planning

  • Giant Set Method

  • Fully Loaded

  • Deadstop Training

  • Post Fatigue Method

How it works

  • Allow me up to 3 - 5 days to build your plan based on info provided during your initial consultation
  • Show up with your best everyday
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