8 Week Activ8 HIIT Periodized Plan

Activ8 HIIT - 8 Week Challenge is an opportunity to take control of your health and fitness with the supervision of a coach and support of running mates. This is a bodyweight fitness challenge. However, light weights and bands are recommended. After the first 8 weeks, you will automatically progress onto Activ8 II which includes some light weights and bands. This program ups the intensity and volume from the last program. Activ8 core is a progression of Activ8 II. However, this plan reduces the intensity a bit and introduces a focus on rotational and anti-rotational movements designed to strengthen the core. This plan also introduces tempo with a variety of unilateral movements, so make sure you pay attention to the 1st introduction video. Short workouts, new exercises, a greater focus on individual muscle groups with slower, controlled movements.

Plan Includes

  • 11 On-Demand Workouts, average 30 minutes a day with one 55 minute workout (8 weeks)

  • Workouts rotate every 3 weeks as you progress

  • Video / demonstration of all exercises

  • 10 more On-Demand Workouts, average 40 minutes a day (Activ8 II)

  • 8 more On-Demand Workouts (Activ8 Core)

How it works

  • Activ8 HIIT I is a bodyweight fitness challenge. However, light weights and bands are recommended
  • Simply follow along, and show up with your best everyday
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